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Audience Extension

Audience Extension campaigns target the business decision makers in our database who match your target criteria. Utilizing thousands of sites across the web, your campaign is displayed multiple times, ONLY to those that fit your targeted profile. Audience Extension ensures your ads are viewed on the trusted sites your targets frequent; no wasting valuable marketing dollars on sites your prospects might not be visiting.

Explore some EXAMPLES
  • This program is tailored for the client based on the types of ads they want to run – standard banners, pre-roll video, native in-feed, and/or social ads
  • Ad materials are provided by the client based on the specs provided
  • An audience pool is created and served multiple times, only to those users, on thousands of brand-safe sites across the web, based on users who meet the requested criteria, which may include:
    • Active users within our database
    • Visitors to certain pages of our websites and/or those who click on a particular ad or open/click on an email
  • By Industry
    • Manufacturers
    • Licensors
    • Retailers
  • By Geography
    • North America
    • UK
    • EU & UK