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Success Story

BrandTrends teamed up with License Global to tap into our extensive audience and bring them the latest and most relevant data and trends.


BrandTrends is a global market research and consulting organization that specializes in Brand Equity. They distribute surveys and findings in over 50 nations, some simple (there is no such thing as ‘simple’ in this case) and others more complicated.



BrandTrends was looking to connect with the greater licensing audience in the most economical and streamlined way possible. By taping into License Global’s established audience and digital programs they were able to their goals of brand awareness and lead generation. 


With the goal of lead generation in mind, our team of content experts worked closely with BrandTrends to produce a bespoke whitepaper and webinar on the latest topics and trends.

Proven Success

WHITEPAPER: Through a combination of email marketing, newsletter inclusions, organic web traffic and social media we were able to deliver almost 200 unique, quality leads for BrandTrends’ bespoke whitepaper in November 2022.
BT WP marketing source

WEBINAR: Piggybacking on the buzz from their white paper, BrandTrends followed up with a live webinar highlighting industry trends and insights. 

Connecting with the Licensing industry

BT Webinar watch results 2.png

Reaching a global audience

BT WP Countries 3.png

While BrandTrends had some quick wins with positive new leads and connections, they will continue to see success from their multiple campaigns for the next 12 – 18 months. They have already seen an increase in 300 new LinkedIn followers and an increase in traffic to their website. 

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