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FastChat Video Interviews

FastChat video interviews strike the balance between shifting customer needs and the emerging B2B workflow norm of video-based communication. The video-based discussions provide a platform for executives to tell the story of their brand’s innovation, market leadership, and expertise, creating a content marketing experience that generates an authentic connection with audiences hungry for information.

Explore some of our recent FASTCHATS
  • Dedicated landing page showcasing single video or as a series of up to 2-3 videos, client may include up to 3 related assets per video, on dedicated landing page
  • Each video is up to 5-15 minutes length with interview consisting of 3-5 questions
  • Turnkey marketing promotion campaign for one month per video & that includes reporting on user engagement metrics
  • Clients will receive video assets and link to landing page for use in future marketing efforts
  • Interview moderated by Licensing Group analyst, editor, or marketer