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Webinar Key Takeaways

Given all the time, energy, and investment that goes into a webinar, it should be way more than a simple one-and-done content marketing tactic. Webinar Key Takeaways capture the central themes from a live webinar and breathes new life into your content by framing it through a visual, interactive experience. It’s designed to appeal to B2B executives who want quick highlights, on their schedule, while in control of the user experience.

Explore some EXAMPLES
  • Development of web-based guide to capture webinar key points
  • Top 3-5 key takeaways from webinar
  • Option to integrate short video segments, images, stas from webinar
  • On-ramp to full webinar (gated)
  • Includes up to three related customer assets
  • Turnkey marketing promotion campaign for one month
  • Reporting on user engagement metrics