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Brand Awareness Success Story

Blanca Pictures collaborated with the Global Licensing Group to deliver an omnichannel marketing strategy across media and events to reach the largest brand owners across the global licensing industry to help launch their latest project GINJI.

Who is Blanca Pictures?

Blanca Pictures is an eight-year-old multicultural animation studio that produces original young adult and children’s scripted edutainment content. GINJI is an animated comedy adventure series about a teenager horse, Ginji and her friends: Varona the Crow and a backpack named UB7!


  • Brand awareness for their new project, Ginji
  • Industry connection and recognition
  • Geographic data and tracking

Problem to Solve

After the release of their new project, Ginji, Blanca Pictures was looking to bring it to the forefront of the licensing industry and focus on brand awareness. But they wanted to do it the right way and without a huge budget. A quick search brought them to License Global. Our reputation and offerings were exactly what they were looking for.


Blanca Pictures was looking to create brand awareness with a combination of advertising and content leading up to Brand Licensing Europe. 

Introducing Ginji: How to Create a Character for Kids Worldwide

Introducing Ginji: Behind the Scenes of a Global Animation Studio

Introducing ‘Ginji’: The Next Big IP

Proven Success

Blanca Pictures set out to connect with the licensing industry and bring their new project Ginji to the front of people’s minds. In the lead up to BLE and with the help of our team of expert content editors and fulfilment experts, we delivered a bespoke omnichannel digital strategy. 

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“We really wanted our money to go further and License Global offered us so much for what we spent. They have the top companies in the industry and the resources to execute flawlessly.”
-Irina Spring, Head of Marketing

While they will continue to see success from their programs in months to come, they were already successful in connecting with key contacts and reaching their target audience. They were able to tap into License Global’s audience and resources to get the results they were looking for while staying within budget and on schedule.

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